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Title:Shrek | Rating:5/5 | Release Date:5/18/2001
    Shrek is just plainy one of the best movies in the year 2001. It has it all. Action, Romance, and most importantly comedy. Not only is it hillarious and entertaining but it has one of best casts in the work including Mike Myers (Shrek), Cameron Diez (Princess Fiona), and my personal favorite Eddie Murphy (The Donkey). But wait, thats not all. The graphics are a cross between A Bugs Life, Toy Story, and Final Fantasy. Which basically means the movie has phenominal graphics too.
   The story of the movie takes place in a land of farie tales where Prince Farkwad rules all. The one thing he needs is a Princess, so he send Shrek after Princess Fiona, who is held captive by a dragon. Shrek falls in love with Princess Fiona which adds tons of akward situations since Shrek is an Ougurt. But Prince Fiona is hiding a little secret herself.
   Follow Shrek and his friends on this amazingly funny journey. I promise you, you wont regret it.
Critic: Dodd                                              5/5