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Title:Save The Last Dance | Rating:5/5 | Release Date:1/12/2001
     Save The Last Dance is a film about moralistic values, as well as dancing. The film is about a young white girl who falls in love with a young black man as they overcome each otherís past to obtain what they
want in the future. If you like a good quality film filled with romance, humor, and dancing, then this movie is just for you.
   The film begins with Sara Johnson (Julia Stiles) on a train to Chicago to live with her father because of her motherís death. Viewers learn from flashbacks that Sara wanted to become a professional ballerina but
ended her dream because her mother tragically died. When Sara enters her new school she meets Derek Reynolds (Sean Patrick Thomas), a popular black student. Derek has a passion for hip-hop. With Derekís help, Saraís ambition and sorrow are released through a re-energized interest in dance. Their friendship and mutual interest in dancing leads to a loving romance that raises the sad and prejudiced resistance from their family and friends.
   Save The Last Danceís moralistic values are shown by the characters overcoming racism, illustrating the way it, and how a personís true colors are shown on the inside and not on the outside. The film soared the top of the American box office ratings in its first weekend after its release. Save The Last Dance is now on video. Go rent it tonight!
Critic: Karri                                              5/5