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Artist:*N Sync | Title:Celebrity | Rating:5/5 | Release Date:7/24/2001
   With all the talk about being a boy band, 'N Sync has finally come around to prove that their music doesn't fit that description any more, and neither do they. Celebrity is not at all like No Strings Attached. The
songs off Celebrity have a different vibe to them then the ones on No Strings Attached. ”Pop.” The first single has a more edgy sound to it. It's more "dirty pop" and not "bubble gum pop" so to speak. The edgy
beats of “Tell Me Tell Me…Baby,” “Right Through You,” and “Just Don’t Tell Me That,” have a little bit of a Hip-Hop, dance techno, Michael Jackson sound. 'N Sync is making a name for themselves. JC Chasez introduces us to a new form of music called two-step.
   “The Two Of Us,” which Chasez wrote and produced, is two-step. The tempo starts off slow, but as 'N Sync sings the tempo gradually gets faster. ”Up Against The Wall,” which Chasez and Timberlake wrote and produced, is also two-step. The ballads “Gone,” “Selfish,” and “Something Like You” are your normal sappy love songs, but the way 'N Sync sings changes the whole effect of what you think it would sound like. Timberlake and Robson (their choreographer) wrote and produced “Gone.” The way Timberlake belts out the lyrics of “Gone” is remarkable. His voice is beautiful, soulful, and just downright amazing. Chasez wrote and produced four songs on Celebrity. Timberlake wrote and produced seven songs on the album. Celebrity was all 'N Sync's idea. Unlike other "boy bands", 'N Sync writes and produces their own music. This album by all means is not "boy band " material. Celebrity is the album that will classify 'N Sync as a band, not a “boy band”.
Critic:Karri                                      5/5