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New This Month!
December 2001
Check out this awesome new action-packed movie about a routine mission gone wrong. Includes an awesome cast with spectacular special effects.

The highly anticipated release of this new movie based on the book series starts December 19th with very large expectations. Look Out Harry Potter!

COMING DEC. 19, 2001
Dodd's Pick
On November 6, 2001, Britney Spears released her third album titled Britney. The not so innocent Louisiana native wrote and produced five songs on the album. This is Britney, as you never heard her before.
   Britney is by far her most personable album. The album is full of high-energy songs along with one slow ballad. This has become one of my favorite albums and I highly recommend it to anyone.
READ REVIEW                                   5/5
Karri's Pick
You Are Visitor #
Save The Last Dance is a film about moralistic values, as well as dancing. The film is about a young white girl who falls in love with a young black man as they overcome each otherís past to obtain what they
want in the future. If you like a good quality film filled with romance, humor, and dancing, then this movie is just for you.
READ REVIEW                                       5/5
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