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Title:Behind Enemy Lines | Rating:3/5 | Release Date:11/30/2001
     'TOP Gun" meets "Rambo" in "Behind Enemy Lines," a slickly entertaining war movie that's sometimes striking, sometimes silly - but never, ever boring.
   It's the first of several war-themed movies that are being rushed into theaters on the theory that newly patriotic audiences suddenly have a thirst for military films in the wake of Sept. 11.
   I'd wager that "Black Hawk Down," due Dec. 28, and "We Were Soldiers," set for early spring, are a lot more realistic than "Behind Enemy Lines," which is set against the Bosnian conflict (as is the superb "No Man's Land," opening next week).
   "Behind Enemy Lines" seems to be vaguely inspired by the adventures of Scott O'Grady, an American pilot who was shot down over Bosnia in 1995 and famously rescued by Marines after surviving on grass and rainwater for six days.
   Owen Wilson, an actor (and screenwriter) best known for his sly comic performances in "Shanghai Noon," "Meet the Parents" and "Zoolander," plays it relatively straight (with tongue firmly in cheek) as Chris Burnett, a veteran Navy fighter pilot who's frustrated by his limited role as a U.N. peacekeeper.
Critic: Dodd                                              3/5